RELEASE THE FEAST – 2014 30 Hour Famine Campaign

When writing the 2014 Campaign/Theme/Anthem, I focused on infusing a great energy into this great invitation. Enjoy~


Go quickly into the streets and the alleys.
To the Zambias and the Indias.
Under the bridges and the other side of town.
Go out into the country lanes and the dirt roads.
To the Haitis and the Zimbabwes.
To the homeless shelters and the byways in your own backyard.
Invite the poor. Invite the hungry.
Invite the children who have no one and nowhere to go.

Tell them a great feast has been prepared,
and there’s room for more guests.
Urge anyone you find to come.
Cry out that we must pack this house.
Those hungry for food will be fed.
Those hungry for God will get their fill.
So don’t miss out.
Don’t make excuses or get distracted.
The banquet is ready.

And it’s waiting for you!

We love the ’14 theme because it’s based on the parable in Luke 14:15-24 — and this is one emotionally charged story!

You know how it goes: The master has planned a great feast and his invitees are dodging the party. Excuse after excuse. The master’s being rejected, and he knows it. He’s had enough of the folks who won’t accept his generosity, and tells his servant to go invite those who have been rejected by the world to take their place.

The master is passionate about opening his arms to these people. Just like God — who invites absolutely everyone to experience the abundant life He has to give, both physically and spiritually. And the poor, who know what it feels like to go without, will rejoice at being welcomed.

This story makes a strong statement. But then, does the 30 Hour Famine — because this year we’re trying to raise $10 million to help feed and care for 23,800 children for a whole year.

That’s where you come in.

The 30 Hour Famine is an incredible movement of 300,000 students and their leaders . . . but we can’t help all these kids without you. Every single person counts. So sign up to do the ’14 30 Hour Famine today!

By RELEASING THE FEAST through World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine, your group will do exactly what the parable says we should: recognize their deep need for God’s generosity, then spread God’s kingdom by welcoming the hungry to the table.

We’ll be with you every step of the way. With materials. With ideas. And most importantly, with prayer.

You ready for the challenge?
Thought so!

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