My name is Shaun and I do some writing.

“What does that mean?”

I take what other people say, or what you’re trying to say, and make it more “sayable.” I’m like the living version of that thought in your head that you are trying to get out.

“But what does that mean…specifically?”

I write all types of marketing materials…digital, print, television, radio, and experiential. I also write a funny column, but that’s for free and just for me: shaunkempston.com. I also tutor students and help them with things like college entrance essays or other papers.

“No, I mean, what do you actually write?”

Commercials, websites, campaign themes, press releases, print ads, taglines, blogs, social media, youth curriculum, newsletters, training materials, audio experiences, style guides, brochures, and more. I’ve even typed out addresses on return envelopes. Ohhh fancy, I know!

“But I like to write my own stuff, why would I need to use you?”

This is actually my favorite answer. I can take whatever you’ve written and clean it up, organize it, and give it just the right headers and subheads to help your audience get the most at a glance, and yet they can still dive deep if they want to read it all. The best part is…that it will sound just like you. Keeping your unique voice intact is one of your strongest assets!

What are your favorite things that you’ve written just for fun?

• This will improve your marriage and friendships: The murder spot is your new #relationshipgoals”

• We all know a junkie. A hot-sauce junkie. You may even be one yourself. So this one’s important (not really): Science asks, “Can you take the love of spicy food too far?”

• Want to cultivate your OCD? Fitbits make you fit…and a bit crazy (in a good way)

“What if I don’t need a writer, but someone to build a website or make other kinds of neat designs?” 

I don’t do those. But these good people do. Here are my recommendations for good graphic and web designers:

Matt Spangler

Roberto Diaz

Robert Coronado

I have other people too, but they need to quit being lazy and get their sites up and running.